Walking The Toy Aisle…

You know how I mentioned I wanted to start a few new meme’s here?  Well, here’s the test run of the first new meme for 2011!  ‘Walking The Toy Aisle’ is where I share my thoughts and opinions on what I see in the doll aisle!  I even plan on including sneaky cell phone photo’s.  (Shhh!  Don’t tell!) The format may change in the first few posts as it evolves!

So, without furthur introduction, here is the new meme!

Walking The Toy Aisle

Upon walking into the store, I stumbled upon this endcap.  It’s filled with the Barbie Fairytale Collection

Mattel has done some great things this year with Monster High, but looking at these dolls in the Barbie Fairytale collection, it seems like they’re neglecting the original Barbie line.  The Barbie Fairytale Collection comes with a doll dressed in a cheap looking outfit,  a ‘blown up’ face mold with some bizarre eye make up, and a DVD or storybook (depending on who you buy).  Here’s a close up of the brunette’s headmold– the better of the two!

I would have expected far more from Mattel, especially when these dolls are pretty much sub- par re-releases of the originals.

Along the same lines, what were they thinking putting this doll on the market?!  TRU exclusive Barbie: A Fairy Secret looks like a cheap knock off.  To start off with, her head looks to large for her body.  It almost looks like a Barbie head on a Skipper body.  Speaking on the body itself, I’m not a huge fan of the molded arms.  Nor do I like the look of the material they used for the body.  It looks cheap, very unlike the Barbie’s I grew up with!

Valentines Day was in the air when I went to the Barbie aisle in another store!  Look  at some of the neat finds I found while wandering the aisles!

Ken candy hearts! How cute!  After eating the candy hearts, I would totally be saving this box!

The Barbie: She Said Yes set is so cute!  She has those pesky molded arms again, but the faces on both Ken and Barbie look better than a lot of basic Barbies out at the moment.  Ken even has lipstick marks on his cheek!  Adorable!  Almost better than the dolls is the box.  I don’t usually save boxes, but this would have been a keeper (had  I bought this set)!  I’m taking this as a clear sign that Barbie and Ken are made for eachother, Mattel!  I can only imagine how many doll collectors will be getting this, along with a proposal this year!

Speaking of proposals…  This would be a neat, creepy, unique way to propose, guys…

It’s Sweet Talkin’ Ken!  Press Ken’s stomach and he’ll record your voice.  He can play back in his own voice (which is kind of creepy to be honest), your own voice, or in a squeaky, chipmunk like voice!  I think this idea is kind of cute and I actually really like his ‘Ultimate Boyfriend’ t-shirt!

Ken was getting a lot of love in the toy aisles, which makes sense it being his anniversary year.  I love this bag because it features such a timeline of dolls!  Totally Hair Barbie is one of my favorite Barbie dolls, btw!

And last but not least, it seems the second line of the Barbie Basics has hit store shelves…  I don’t collect that line, but two of the dolls are quite cute!

The doll on the left with the brown hair looks a bit like Abby from NCIS, don’t you think?  I love the blunt bangs she has!  The doll on the right has such a goofy, endearing grin.  If they ever make another pageant barbie, then this is the face mold to use!

And that is it for my first ‘Walking The Toy Aisle’ post!  I hope you liked it!  I encourage you to share your thoughts on these dolls below in the comment area!  What do you think of the current Barbie line out on store shelves?

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