Walking the Toy Aisle: Barbie: A Perfect Christmas Gift Set

I recently saw this gift set in my local Target and just had to snap a few photos. As you know, I’m a Skipper collector, so any new doll makes me happy. This musical set includes Barbie, Skipper, Stacie, and Kelly, er, Chelsea. They are decked out in their holiday best in outfits that mimic those worn in the new Barbie movie “Barbie: A Perfect Christmas”.

As far as the quality of these dolls, I can’t complain.  They look nicer than most of the basics I’ve seen recently and in terms of holiday dolls, they’re the best I’ve seen in years.  The base the girls stand on is musical and allows the sisters to sing ‘Deck the Halls’ in various harmonies.

Now, getting down the the nitty gritty– the Skipper doll!  Let me disclaimer this really quickly.  This next statement might be my imagination.  I won’t know for sure until I get my hands on this gift set, but it looks to me like Skippers head mold is getting more inflated (ie: like Barbie’s round, balloon like head mold).  I really hope that they keep Skippers head mold as is and don’t begin ‘tweaking’ it.

Again, Mattel has decided to use a body type where her arm is permanently bent, identical to the 2011 Skipper that came with the bathroom play set. Personally, I’d take a body with two straight arms over this mold any day, but alas, Mattel seems to like it.

I love that they switched up the hair do for this Skipper, loosing the side bang for a more ‘dressy’ style.  As a mater of preference, I do prefer bangs on her, but as I mentioned earlier on the blog, the 2010/2011 Skipper’s have been a bit redundant.  This is a welcome change!  I forgot to look at the highlight in her hair, so I’m not sure of what color it is.  It looks red in my close up shot, but I will have to confirm that when I see this set again.

I am not a fan of her outfit.  Of all four sisters, Skipper was given the worst dress.  In my opinion, this is the worst outfit they’ve released Skipper in so far this year. Skipper could have rocked a more trendy outfit– maybe something that didn’t include neon green/florescent yellow plaid!

What do you think of the set?  Do you think Skippers head is more inflated in this version than in the past 2011 releases?  Share your thoughts in the comment area!

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6 thoughts on “Walking the Toy Aisle: Barbie: A Perfect Christmas Gift Set

  1. im like ;OMG, just looove youre blog!

    but i totally dont like skipper, she looks like she´s still in the 90:s, she definitly needs some style!! she should check in my blog for some of that..

    sorry for bad spelling(?)

    love, swedish lillbaby<3<3<3<3<<3

    1. I agree- they do need to tweak Skipper a bit. I mentioned in an earlier post that I thought the new Skipper dolls looked to similar to eachother. Mattel needs to give her some different kinds of outfits (not just the sporty dress look) and give her some new face paint or hair styles every now and then.

      Thanks for stopping by!

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