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Another day, another shopping trip!  Yesterday, my mom and I stopped by a few stores and there were just too many cute, interesting, or slightly odd toys to not document the trip with a ‘Walking the Toy Aisle’ post!

Novi Star Mae
Novi Star

‘Novi Stars’ are new line of small alien like creatures.  The four main characters (Una Verse, Alie Lectric, Ari Roma, Mae Tallick) are sold separately.  Each figure has a different unique attribute.  For example, Mae talks and Alie has light up legs.  This ‘Energy Pod’ Playset comes with a super cute Novi Star named ‘Nita Light’.  I’m not 100% positive what the pod does, if anything, but it looks like you can put a Novi Star inside the pod and make it look like she’s floating.  Forgetting the pod for the moment, the Novi Star included in this playset is really kind of cute!

Chic Mystique Bratz
Chic Mystique ‘Tink’ lookalike

Bratz dolls aren’t my favorite.  I have a handful of the ‘sister’ dolls, but overall, I never saw the appeal for the regular Bratz line.  I took a few shots of these dolls because I’m not very impressed with them.  My eyes were drawn to this particular line because of Meygan, who is dressed very much like Tinkerbell.  Almost too much like Tinkerbell!  (I’m surprised Disney let this slip through their web, actually!)

FAO Schwartz Barbie

FAO turned 150 this year and this adorable doll is celebrating!  The price isn’t exactly pretty, but the doll is! This FAO soldier has a ‘whimsy’ look with a great face and outfit.

Mini Lalaloopsy Set, Series 2

You can buy Mini Lalaloopsy’s separately or wait for these awesome sets!  This set includes the fairy tale characters released slowly over the past year.  I think my favorites are Little Bo Peek and Snow White.

Lalaloopsy Sister Pack
Lalaloopsy Feather Tell a Tale

Next to the mini’s were these two awesome editions to the large Lalaloopsy line.  The top image is of the Toys R Us exclusive sister set.  And my favorite new Lala?  Feather!!!!  How adorable is she!  She’d go perfect with Marina and Sir Battlescarred!

My First Disney Princess- Prince Dolls

You’ve probably seen the Disney Princess toddler dolls on shelves for a while now.  Well, look who’s joined the party– the princes!  As far as I can tell, only the leading men from Tangled, The Little Mermaid, and Cinderella have been created in doll form, but if the line does well, I’m sure we’ll see some others. They did really well on all three, but I think Prince Eric and Flynn are just to cute for words!

I Love Minnie

I know chibi dolls aren’t everybody’s thing, but I have a soft spot for them.  These ‘I Love Minnie’ dolls probably aren’t the most incredibly made dolls you’ll find, but they’re cute!

Dating Fun Ken

Mattel has put out a few weird things over the years and this Ken definitely should be added to that category.  So, this Ken comes with three outfits and three plastic wigs :blonde, brunette, and, er, bright pink.  The idea is cool and I totally understand how important the color pink is in the Barbie world, but I’m not sure it belongs on Kens head…

These items are just a handful of things that made me stop and stare during my visit to the toy aisle. Now it’s your turn!  What do you think of these dolls?  Have you spotted anything fun during your recent treks to the toy aisle? Leave a comment or two and share your thoughts!

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5 thoughts on “Walking the Toy Aisle…

  1. I absolutely love Dating Fun Ken, I want him so much! I wish the hair wasn’t so plastic-looking but I suppose if they had proper wigs, they would be sticking up everywhere in five minutes.

    I also love the Novi Stars and have been considering getting one, to make up for the fact that La Dee Das (another of your recommendations!) are not being sold in the uk and currently cost more to have imported than I can reasonably pay … Novi Stars are being sold here, the problem being that it’s summer holidays and dolls are just flying off the toyshop shelves as parents scrabble round to find stuff to keep the kids busy ….

    I really enjoy these posts – I find it interesting seeing the price tags as well and working out the difference in price over here! Best wishes 🙂

  2. awesome i waish i hav all the novi star doll i hav NONE and i wish they hav a li shang toddler doll frome mulan OHH mulan is a princess my fav princess my MOST fav

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