Walking the Toy Aisle

In all honestly, I haven’t seen very many new and exciting things while walking the toy aisles lately.  Supposedly, there are new Monster High lines hitting store shelves, but I haven’t found any yet. If this is how the stores will be stocked all holiday season, well, it will be a bit of a lackluster Christmas.  The doll lines, in particular, are disappointing to me. There’s very little new-ness to the aisles.

Here’s a few pictures  of some items (good and bad) that caught my eye on our most recent walk through Toys R Us.

Poor Cody Simpson
Poor Cody Simpson

We’ll start with one of the saddest sights I’ve seen in the discount bins for a long time.  I haven’t followed Disney stars for a long time now and I honestly don’t know who Cody Simpson is, but I feel bad for the kid!  His poor doll doesn’t even sell at $1.00!

Scraps Stitched and Sewn Lalaloopsy

I didn’t know they had a large Lalaloopsy of Scraps Stitched and Sewn out!  Isn’t she great?  I’m a huge fan of the ‘different’ looking Lalaloopsy’s, like this one and the alien one that was released a month or two ago.  I’ll have to pick this girl up before she sells out!

Cabbage Patch Kid Preemie
My First CPK

My favorite Cabbage Patch Kids are vintage or vintage reproductions.  However, this My First Cabbage Patch Kid is adorable!  It was, also, way more reasonably priced than the vinyl Cabbage Patch Kids on the shelves.

Deluxe Ariel Styling Head

Most of the things in these posts are here because I found something in them that I liked.  This Little Mermaid Styling Head is here for the opposite reason.  What was Disney thinking with this? She may have Ariel’s red hair, but her face is a definite miss!  Just not good!

5 Pack Equestria Girl Pack
Canterlot High Pep Rally 5 set

This Canterlot High Pep Rally five pack includes Apple Jack, Rarity, Luna, Rainbow Dash and (my personal favorite) Fluttershy.    I’m a little bummed that their tops are still painted on and they still have the annoying knob feet, but this set is pretty darn cute.  I really like the Luna in this set!

Monster Mash
Monster Mash

The Monster High fans here might recognize a certain someone on the front of this Moonlight Monsters box.  She’s called Starlet here, but I’d bet money that she was inspired by Mattel’s Spectra.  The purple hair, the pale white skin…  It’s just too similar!

Super Mario Bros
Super Mario Bros. K’Nex

Staying on the Lego train, I thought this K’Nex Super Mario Bros. 2 set was pretty neat.  I haven’t seen many Lego or K’nex sets based on old school Nintendo games.  This set really does resemble something you’d see in a video game!

Beatrix Girls (Chantal and Ainsley)
Beatrix Girls
Beatrix Girls (Lark and Brayden)

The Beatrix Girls are four friends who rock out in their spare time.  They are about 12″ tall and have really big decal eyes.  They are definitely odd looking, when compared to other 12″ dolls, but I think they’re kind of neat!

Shoe Studio
Shoe Studio
Shoe Studio

Technically, this is more of a craft project, but I don’t care.  Crayola’s Shoe Studio looks so much fun!  Haven’t you ever wanted to design your own kind of shoe?  Plus, the shoes are the perfect size to display!

Doc McStuffin’s
Sofia the First

I don’t have any children at the moment, but I DVR Sofia the First.  Why?  Because I find that show adorable.  It has great animation, good songs and has spawned some really cute toys.  The toy above, talking Sofia,  is one of those toys.  Alongside that is the Doc McStuffin‘s line, which is out in full force at my local Toys R Us.  I don’t watch that show, but the figures and dolls inspired by it are definite eye catchers.

Classic Disney
Hand Sewn Mickey and Minnie

These Mickey and Minnie hand sewn 85th Anniversary dolls made the list because they’re so classic.  They stood out in the aisle, stuffed between Smurfs and other preschool toys. While a little pricey, they are adorable, aren’t they?  Great for adult collectors, that’s for sure.

So that’s it for this edition of Walking the Toy Aisle.  I’m still waiting for the big ‘wow’ items to hit store shelves.  They’re cutting it a little close!

Have you seen any really awesome things while walking your toy aisles?  Share a thought or two below!

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11 thoughts on “Walking the Toy Aisle

  1. I’ve noticed this too. Here in the UK there’s no sign of a major new MH release, although I gather from
    Instagram that in some parts of America Black Carpet dolls have been spotted on sale. It’s late November! What’s going on?

    Unless he’s awful (and it’s hard to tell but he does look all that bad) I would have felt sorry for poor old $1 Cody and ended up taking him home. I don’t know who he is either but that’s never stopped me yet with celebrity dolls!

    I’ve recently been quite tempted by Doc McStuffins actually, even though she’s not my kind of thing at all. It’s a good show! (I watch it with my son who has been inspired to start bandaging all his toys with toilet paper while we are not looking).

    Love these posts! Best wishes 🙂

  2. My biggest wow was a couple of months ago with

    TRU Journey Girls Jordanna, the big blue ball gown. She is on laybuy at the moment and will hopefully be home for Xmas.

  3. thank goodness for the new Monster high dolls starting to appear on the shelves, I was getting bored too. I do like the Ever after high dolls, and love the Once upon a zombie line. They are really good quality, great details, and articulated. I had to order from Costco in Canada as I haven’t seen them anywhere else yet.

  4. Ah I have seen Doc McStuffins & I just loved it-I noticed they had several other sizes too-I have to get this for my 3 yo grand daughter-what a great story line for this animated series. And who can resist Mickey Mouse-looks like that is a must have too!

  5. I too would have picked up Cody Simpson. He could be a candidate for a rebody if the face is not all that great. 🙂

    I LOVE the shoes. I may have to get those! I’ve been seeing Sofia the First everywhere. Not so many new Barbies or MH though around here.

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