Dolly Re-Root: Little Miss No Name

I’ve been re-rooting again!  I know, I know, I’ve re-rooted a ton of Little Miss No Names’ in the past, but they’re so much fun to re-root.  Plus, the usual recipient of my re-roots really likes Little Miss No Name.

For this re-root, I used a nylon brunette tone called ‘Devil’s Food’.  It took 5-6 hanks from Dollyhair.  My mom chose a dark brunette for this doll, because the last re-root was a light blonde.  I’ve dubbed these two as sisters with very polarizing hair colors!

Little Miss No Name Re-Root
Little Miss No Name Re-Root
The sisters together
The sisters together

I never tire of re-rooting Little Miss No Name heads.  I have one more in the wings getting a ginger sort of color, but I really want to try a fantasy color on these guys.  What fantasy color or colors do you think would work wonders on this doll?  Share your thoughts below!

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9 thoughts on “Dolly Re-Root: Little Miss No Name

  1. Aww…these dolls always make me sad when I look at them. (This makes searhing your blog a challenge) Anyways, looking at’s nylon hair I was thinking a light blue such as “arctic frost” might look okay. Or a dark pink like “candy kiss”, a dark green/brown like “haunted forest” might make it look as if she had dirty-moldy hair. Or maybe that’s too depressing…

  2. Light blue, such an arctic, ‘minty’ one, was my first thought too 🙂 It makes such a fairytale-look, I think! BTW, your dark haired doll is soo wonderful! Grets from Germany 🙂

  3. Hi. Gorgeous work with LMNN and gorgeous dolls Do you happen to have a tutorial on the re rooting ? I have never done it and I adore my doll so I’m iffy to try unless I feel confident. If you do … Can you point me to it ? Thank you for your blog and the time you have obviously put into it Xoxo

    1. I’m working on a tutorial for the tool method. It’s shot, just needs to be edited. I prefer the tool method to any other method of re-rooting, myself! It’s so much easier and less time consuming than the knot method. I did do a tutorial on the knot method, though. You can find it here:

      It’s so easy to re-root LMNN. They have nice, large heads. I have total confidence in you!!!!

      1. Thank you so much for your prompt reply!! I will check out this tutorial and I will wait for your new one with tools. Thank you. You have done amazing jobs with your dolls. They are so cute. I love my doll and I wish I would have found about them sooner. I’ve had her for about 2 years thanks to a friend that introduced her to me 🙂 Keep up amazing job and thanks for your words. xoxo

  4. Hey, I’m curious… Is it possible to have curly nylon hair? And by that I mean style it to be curly. Or does it have to be straight? Also, I love your re-roots of the Little Miss No Name dolls! They’re so cute, and you make me want to buy one!

    Oh! And another thing! After rerooting, do you glue the hair from inside the doll’s hair, or from outside? This question is obviously a stupid one, but I really am curious.

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