Dolly Re-Root: Little Miss No Name

Last week, I finished a new re-root. Surprise, surprise, it’s a Little Miss No Name!  While not in horrible shape, this particular Little Miss No Name had very dry hair.

Before (Actual before shot disappeared, so but this is close!)

For her re-root, I used nylon Carrot Cake.  Carrot Cake is a very strange color.  Dollyhair describes it as, “More muted than pumpkin spice, but it is still an auburn color. It is more red than amaretto.”  The thing I love about Carrot Cake is that it seems to change color in different lights.  It’s redder than it looks in these photos and sometimes has a bit of a muted pink hue to it.


This Little Miss No Name received a shorter do than the usual.  I think it looks great!  Have you re-rooted any dolls recently? Share your thoughts below!

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16 thoughts on “Dolly Re-Root: Little Miss No Name

  1. Wouldn’t it have been cheaper for you to buy a wig (on eBay) and use that to re-root?

    Also would you happen to know any sites that sell doll hair that is ‘sparkly’ or have those little strands of tinsel?

    1. LMNN took around 5 hanks, so $60. It may be cheaper to buy a wig, but it would be a lot more work. Cutting the hair, sorting it by length, trying to keep it from getting tangled… Too much prep for me! As far as sparkly hair, that’s a great question. I don’t recall seeing any on Dollyhair. Maybe has some?

      1. WOW 60 dollars…That’s a lot; then again I don’t know much about making re-rooting and normal costs.

        After I asked you that question about tinsel hair I looked around and mailed a person from retro something. I visited restoredoll and didn’t see anything. I think I might end up buying something strange off of eBay.

        Thanks for the information!

  2. What a great re-root! And an awesome color.

    I’ve been finishing off a few projects here and there. I re-rooted a reproduction Black Barbie with long saran hair, and she looks adorable. I also re-rooted a So In Style Trichelle with black orchid saran and some maroon highlights. I’m in the middle of turning a Barbie into Duchess Swan from Ever After High. If only there were more hours in the day!

    — Sarah <3

    1. Wow! So many re-roots. I’m so horrible at putting re-roots aside for other things. My next project is a Giggles I bought back in October. Not sure what color I want to make her yet!

      1. Interesting. I’ve always been scared to use the glue method on vintage or expensive dolls. I worry about ruining the inside of the doll. I’d love to hear what glues you use and what its like after they dry in terms of styling. Have you ever you ever used the knitted or lock and loop method? The lock and loop method seems to be easier with dolls that have caps and such like Blythe. Or for creating wigs.

        Loved seeing the video! (I love all your videos and the large variety of dolls in your collection.)

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