World Doll Day Coverage

Many bloggers posted about World Doll Day today!  Here’s some quick links so you can see their coverage.

The Barbie Blog– Teresa wrote a lovely piece about one of her most treasured dolls.

Monster Crafts– Monster Crafts used World Doll Day to update her readers on her collection.

Barbie Beauties– Barbielea answers fellow blogger The Multicrafteral Lab’s World Doll Day tag AND shares details about her Monster High doll giveaway!

The Crazy Doll Lady– The Crazy Doll Lady (who was featured in the last coverage post) has posted another World Doll Day themed article.

Andi B Goode– Here’s another World Doll Day post on this fun blog!

Lottie– Lottie did a wonderful piece on World Doll Day on their company blog. I’m honored to have worked with them on this blogs World Doll Day giveaway. (You have until the 15th to enter and, fitting for World Doll Day, it’s open to everyone, worldwide.)

The Multicrafteral Lab– Blackkitty started a World Doll Day Tag (in which I was tagged).  My answers will be posted today or tomorrow!  Great idea, Blackkitty!

People tweeted, as well!  If you missed our World Doll Day Spotlight, give it a look. I interviewed The Broken Doll.  You’ll want to check it out!

Like I said in my World Doll Day post today, I think Mrs. Seeley would be very pleased with the reception World Doll Day received in 2015.  Let’s aim to make it even bigger next year!

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