Dolly ReRoot: Little Miss No Name

One more post for 2015! My mother asked me to work on yet another Little Miss No Name re-root. I love working on LMNN’s, so I was happy to comply. (Check out my other LMNN posts here.)

Usually, my mom likes her LMNN’s to have blonde or brunette tones. For this re-root, she went in a different direction and chose a very different sort of color! This LMNN ended up with a wicked shade of Ultraviolet nylon hair. Ultraviolet is a warm grape tone and looks super cool.

Little Miss No Name ReRoot

This LMNN had a cut in her foot, which is why she’s currently wearing the large orange socks.

Little Miss No Name ReRoot

Little Miss No Name ReRoot

Little Miss No Name ReRoot

I believe I used 4-5 hanks on this girl, but I have to admit, I totally forgot to keep track– again. Both my mom and I agree that this hair calls for a groovy, hippy sort of outfit, which we’ll find for her eventually.

Happy New Year!

One of my resolutions for the new year is to do one re-root a month. I feel like I have 5,000 dolls sitting in my room waiting for new hair, so it’s about time I worked on them. And with that, I’ll leave you until 2016! Have a safe and happy new year!

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4 thoughts on “Dolly ReRoot: Little Miss No Name

  1. LOL! love the 5000 dolls in my room-I love you guys
    She looks amazing-I can picture her in a witches costume for next Halloween-groovy & witchy

    1. I wish I was joking about the number of project dolls in my room! 😉 I just finished my first re-root of 2016. She’ll be on the blog soon!!!

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