Dolly Review: Prettie Girls Tween Scene

Note: Originally, there were pictures in this review. However, they were hosted on Photobucket. I will try to reproduce them at a later time.

A few weeks ago, my mom and I went to Walmart. Usually, we miss all the big sales, but this time, we stumbled upon a treasure trove of toys at super cheap prices. Within those aisles, we found three Prettie Girls Tween Scene dolls, Lena, Valencia and Kimani. In total, we paid $5.00 for all three. (What a deal!)

Prettie Girls Tween Scene are articulated 16″ vinyl dolls. Sold at Walmart, they made their debut in 2016 and were made in collaboration with the Tonner Doll Company. They use the same body that Tonner Toys used for their Maudlynne Macabre and Little Miss Matched Girl line. For the most part, the articulated body is done really well. She has shoulder, elbow, hip and knee joints. The one point of articulation I feel is missing is a wrist joint. There are so many times I want to just move the dolls wrist, but can’t, because none of these dolls have one.

All three Prettie Girls are nicely rooted. I love the variation of hairstyles on Lena, Valencia and Kimani. Lena has super straight black hair. It’s soft to the touch. The same goes for the other two girls. Kimani has dark brown hair with lots of curl. Finally, Valencia has a light brown/caramel blonde sort of hair color that is styled in two pig tails. Were this line to grow, I’d love to see a more natural sort of hairstyle or a short cut on one of these dolls. Pictured below is Kimani.

To me, Lena and Kimani have very similar faces. I almost assumed they were the same character, just different waves. I peg that on their eye makeup. Both Lena and Kimani have the same color above their eyes and similar paint around their eyes. Even their lip color is very similar. I wish they would have switched up the face paint a little more, so each character could stand out more. Valencia, with a lighter skin tone and more sporty look, has more natural colors on her face, where the other two girls, both with darker complexions have cool, bright colored make up. Don’t get me wrong. I love the make up on them and think the faces look great as designed, I just think they could have done more to separate their unique characters. Pictured below is Lena.

If you’re looking specifically for a black/AA doll, then this is a line to look into. Lena and Kimani have different complexions, which is great and not always something doll lines do. Kimani is definitely darker than Lena when it comes to skin tone. I tend to like dolls with really dark skin tones, because, let’s be honest, they’re pretty rare when it comes to play line dolls. Valencia, who is Hispanic, has tan-colored skin.

All three dolls have super cool outfits! I’m torn between liking Lena’s red/orange dress or Kimani’s crop top/flower pants combo the most. Both outfits are just too cute. The sporty track suit on Valencia is my least favorite of the three and maybe of the entire line. Each doll came with an extra top. Strangely, though, I don’t think the tops they came with match very well with the outfits they are currently wearing, but maybe they expected to sell more fashion packs? Pictured below is Valencia.

To be honest, I’m not sure what the status of Prettie Girls: Tween Scene is. Last year, One World, the creative team behind this line, merged with Tonner, creating Tonner One World.  However, nothing has really come out of that partnership yet, nor have we seen any new waves of Tween Scene. Their website teases a new line, Prettie Girls NYC, which features new girls who “are diverse in cultures & personalities, from the Chic, rocker Stone; to the sophisticated, classy Knox; the fun, funky Kiyo; the performing, princess Mayla; to finally the sporty, spunky Anja.” The image from the site, who I assume is Stone, is pretty awesome. I hope we eventually see this line one day!

Even a new wave of Prettie Girls: Tween Scene would be appreciated. This line really is a great size and one you don’t see very often on play line dolls. Not to mention, there’s quality to this doll line. They are well put together dolls. (They photograph really well, too!)  And of course, we can’t forget the diversity factor. This line prides itself on having dolls from varying ethnicities. Not pictured in this review, for example, are Dhara, Alexi and Hana, who all come from different ethnic backgrounds.

What do you think of Prettie Girls: Tween Scene? Do you own any? Were they on clearance at your local Walmart? Share your thoughts in the comment area!

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16 thoughts on “Dolly Review: Prettie Girls Tween Scene

  1. I really like the line and the quality of the line. Unfortunately, our local Walmarts have been discounting these for an unbelievable price. Since I get dolls to send to children in need, this was great for me, but I wonder what this means for the company and for the line? Usually, this means a new line is coming out or the company is dying. I would hope it does not mean the latter. I like this company, line and dolls.

    1. We picked up a few to give away to charities for Christmas this year, too. I’m just surprised that, if the partnership between the two companies didn’t work, we didn’t hear anything about it. It was a huge thing, so I’d have expected some sort of announcement.

  2. Sadly, they never appeared at a Walmart near me, although they are on the company website. I love the doll’s looks and size. If this line sinks without a trace, it will be the 2nd time Tonner dolls have been vanished. Little MisMatched, the same size as the Prettie Girls, was sold at Toys R Us and nowhere else. It appears that Prettie Girls were sold at Walmart and nowhere else. It is a nice doll and a good size. I wish this manufacturer could get his distribution in order..

  3. I remember seeing them at Walmart quite some time ago — like, early last year — but never got around to going back to pick some up. But if they’re such a steal right now…! Wow. I hope there are still some at my local Walmart when I get over this cold…

  4. I ordered three of the outfits for my Agatha Primrose doll, but I’m not sure they are the right vibe for her altho I like 2 of 3 quite well. From what I gather on my Tonner FBpages, the One World deal fell through and Robert is part of a new company called Phyn & Aero now. Here is their FB page:

  5. Well you certainly found a deal!
    Just a few days ago these dolls were placed in my radar and between special prices at Amazon and WalMart online the entire set will arrive today. Oh my enthusiasm for prices has now been deflated, but three were less than ten dollars.
    I do like my MissMatched doll. These screamed at me and it was silly to narrow down, so I did some research and after falling in love with them, nabbed them. Glad to see your review and will post my impressions in a day or two.

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