Collection Close Up: Pinky Street (Pinky ST)

I picked up my first Pinky Street (or Pinky ST, as I’ll refer to them from here on) figure at Anime Central, sometime in the early 2000’s. Pinky ST figures, roughly 4″ tall and made of PET plastic, were invented by BABYSue and produced by the VANCE PROJECT. They’re 1:18th in scale.

Pinky: ST

Pinky: ST

Pinky ST’s made their debut in 2003 with three figures: Yoshiko, Sue and Tamae. Each were designed with interchangeable outfits in mind. For example, the head, hair pieces (like pony tails), tops and bottoms of Pinky’s come off so you can mix and match the different character’s looks.


Pinky: ST

My first Pinky ST was Moe, from series 2 (below), which was released in 2003. Moe came dressed in her schoolgirl outfit and an extra cheerleader outfit. I liked her long brown hair and purple eyes. For years after, I made it my goal to find a new Pinky ST at every anime con I went to and for a while, it was pretty easy to do.



There were a number of different Pinky ST releases over the years, including anime collaborations. Pinky:cos releases covered a wide selection of anime titles, including: Neon Genesis Evangelion, Shingetsutan Tsukihime, Gunslinger Girl, Monster Hunter, Kobato, Summer Wars, The Girl Who Leapt Through Time, Sky Crawlers and my personal favorite, Fruits Basket.

Pinky: ST

There were other anime releases besides those mentioned, as well, but I can’t find a good reference guide for Pinky ST releases, at the moment. Besides basic figures, they also released Pinky ST’s that came equipped with their very own car or scooter.



Pinky ST’s were produced pretty steadily until their eventual demise, coming in batches of two or three, with limited releases here and there. The later series, series 8 through 11, saw some changes. The packaging was changed to smaller, rounder blister packs and the girls were packaged without a second body.


Pinky St figures stopped production around 2011. They went out with little more than a whimper. News on releases slowed to a halt and the company just continued on. As far as I know, there wasn’t a formal announcement; the line just sort of died. Up until earlier this year, the Pinky Street Forum was a great place for people to find out about the line, but, alas, it seems to have closed up shop as of Feb 2017.


The forum was pretty active during the Pinky ST heyday, but, like many forums that lost their doll/toy line, fizzled out towards the end. While it was popular, the forum was a great place for information, photos and buying/selling. I wish it had stayed up, for the information alone, but I’m sure it was costing someone money and understand why they’d let it go.

Pinky: ST

Like other dolls and figures, there’s some amazingly adorable customs floating around the web, like these Monster High inspired Pinky ST’s or these My Little Pony Pinky’s!

Pinky: ST

One word of warning. Pinky ST’s have a tendency to fall over. Over the years, the torso’s have a habit of tipping backwards. If you don’t care to change their look, you may want to consider gluing them together or putting putty inside the torso and leg connector. I, personally, haven’t tried this, but I don’t see why this wouldn’t work. You’ll find this also happens with the arms, hair pieces and heads of certain Pinky ST’s, as well. Some of my girls fall apart really easily, while others are still holding strong.

Pinky: ST

Pinky: ST

You can still find Pinky ST figures pretty easily on eBay, so if this post tempted you, go there to check out some of the other releases. It’s been years since I’ve seen them at an anime or comic on, so online is your best bet at finding these cuties. My collection is rather small compared to everything that was released over the 8 years they were produced. Do you own any Pinky ST’s? What are your thoughts on this line? Share your thoughts in the comment area.

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17 thoughts on “Collection Close Up: Pinky Street (Pinky ST)

  1. Aww, I have a bunch of these too! I was so sad when they stopped making them, they’re so much fun to play with and display. I agree with you, that forum was such a rich source of information, just to lurk and learn.

    1. I was sad, too. I always meant to pick up extras, so I could OOAK Them up or at least give heads to the extra outfits. I don’t think that will happen now, especially with the forum gone.

  2. I found out about this toyline from its tie in anime. It sucked. I don’t recommend it. The dolls are cute, though. I love your Sakura doll! I like that it comes with her uniform and casual clothes.

    1. UPDATE: Oh, I get what you mean now! Sorry. The anime didn’t even cross my radar. Usually the shows based on toylines tend to be a let down. (Excluding the amazing Jem and the Holograms, of course!)

      You didn’t like them? I must disagree. 🙂 I think they’re adorable! But I can understand that they don’t have the same play value as a fashion doll. They’re more for display and photography, kind of like Funko Pops!.

  3. I wish I were more active in the Pinky:St forums while they were up! It was so great seeing everyone’s pictures and new releases, and the amount of info was wonderful!

    My collection is pretty tiny. I have Akito/Agito from the ‘Air Gear’ collab, Kannami Yuuichi from ‘The Sky Crawlers’ collab, and one of the video games (Kira Kira Pop Princess). My local anime store surprisingly has the ‘Wild Arms’ collab set, so I’m tempted to pick them up, even though I know nothing about the series, lol.

    It was odd how the toy line faded away? Although I wasn’t heavily active in the hobby, I did pop into the forums to see if anything new was coming up every once in a while. But I guess this is how they wanted to go out! A bit strange, personally, but not too bad. Plus, there are still people that make their own custom Pinky:St figures, or use the base design for one-off figures, so they’ve definitely left an impression!

    It’s nice to see that there are still some active people in the hobby. I’m tempted to take my figures off the shelf and snap a few pictures of them!

    1. I was never terribly active on the forum, either. I would try to take a group photo and do some of the other photo activities, but usually, I lurked. I’ve seen some of the customs– so cute! When I was googling for this post, I saw the adorable wedding cake toppers people made with Pinkys. For sure, that’s what I’ll be looking for when Mr. Right shows up!

  4. I’ve never heard of Pinky Street before! Some of them are very cute! I love the Hello Kitty one!

  5. Hello, I found this while looking for information on the different Dolls. I have about 44 of them, some are duplicates, and I’m trying to separate them out with their original parts. I haven’t taken them out in quite a few years so my plan was to sell them. I’m thinking now that I may keep a few, especially if they’re not being made any longer.

    But the majority still need to be sold and for that they need to be separated.

    Could any of you help me out with which bases go with which dolls? Tie-in dolls from tv shows are a bit easier but the normal numbered dolls, I’ve got no idea which bases go with who, pictures online don’t show the bases, or all of the accessories.

    I’ve also got the pack of accessories with the rubber ducky and the guns in it, but can’t find a pic or what it’s called.

    There are a few pieces that have been painted and a few accessories that must have gotten lost, but I’d like to get them as complete as possible before I decide what to keep, it’s like a crazy jigsaw puzzle. I can send photos as well if that helps.

    Thank you for any assistance.

    1. Honestly, your best bet is probably going through ebay listings to see what accessories and pieces when with each Pinky. There’s no good resource anymore for that brand. 🙁

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