Collection Close Up: Estrela’s 80th Anniversary Gui-Gui Reproduction

A while back, I asked readers to help me purchase the reproduction Gui-Gui doll from Estrela, produced in honor of the company’s 80th anniversary. (Also reproduced for this anniversary was Falcon, which may interest GI Joe collectors!) Within a few days, we received an e-mail from a reader who said she could help. Thanks to the aid of this kind reader, we were successfully able to get a reproduction Gui-Gui into the United States. (In record time, I might add! It only took a few days to arrive from Brazil to Illinois!)

2017 Gui-Gui (Giggles)

2017 Gui-Gui (Giggles)

Gui-Gui, also known as Giggles in the States, is a special doll for my mom. She has a pretty large number of Giggles and desperately wanted to get her hands on this one. Gui-Gui’s were produced in Brazil far longer than they ever were in the United States by Ideal and varied in style. Because of that, this release was very exciting for her. It had been years since she’d been able to open a brand new, in box Giggles. They can be pretty pricey. So, as you can imagine, the idea of opening a new, in box Gui-Gui that worked was too good to pass up!

You can see my mom’s excitement in the box opening video above!

2017 Gui-Gui (Giggles)

2017 Gui-Gui (Giggles)

Estrela’s anniversary Gui-Giu is adorable. I love how they didn’t make any changes to the original molds. Gui-Gui’s red lips are more pronounced than Giggles thin, coral lips. Her brows are darker, too. The biggest difference is Gui-Gui’s eye color. US Giggles tend to have grey eyes, where Gui-Gui’s have much brighter eyes. In this case, Gui-Gui’s eyes are a pretty blue. And, of course, there’s the hair style. Gui-Gui has a head full of two tone blonde waves. The whole look is adorable.

2017 Gui-Gui and Giggles

2017 Gui-Gui (Giggles)

To hear Gui-Gui giggle, be sure to watch the video embedded earlier in the post. In that video, we also show off all the other Giggles that live in our collections.

2017 Gui-Gui (Giggles)

2017 Gui-Gui and Giggles (ReRoot)

So, there’s a closer look at Gui-Gui, released in honor of Estrela’s 80th year. I love how true she is to the original releases and how unique she looks to our US Giggles. I can’t wait to see what they release for their 90th anniversary! What do you think of her? Did you successfully order one for yourself? Let me know in the comment area!

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5 thoughts on “Collection Close Up: Estrela’s 80th Anniversary Gui-Gui Reproduction

  1. I think she looks Norwegian. Blond. Blue-eyed. Wearing what looks like a Norwegian national costume. Maybe there is a connection with the fact that the sister of the Norwegian king lived in Brazil with her family 😂

    Look at this bunad:

    King Harald is the baby. The brunette is Ragnhild, who moved to Brazil. The blonde is their sister Astrid.

    I think that the doll is similar to princess Astrid 😊:–norwegian-royalty-two-girls.jpg

  2. I am from india mumbai.. I want to buy gui gui doll… Plz tell me is any store in mumbai, that i can purchase gui gui doll. Plz tell me.

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