Collection Close Up: Cabbage Patch Kids Through the Ages

Very few doll lines have lasted my entire life. Off the top of my head, I can think of only two: Barbie and Cabbage Patch Kids. This post will focus on Cabbage Patch Kids! My mom and I decided it was prime time to show you all the Cabbage Patch Kids in our collections. (We were cleaning and figured, why not!) When researching, it dawned on me that the Cabbage Patch Kids brand has been brought to life by seven different companies over the years. Remarkably, they haven’t changed as much as you’d expect as they were handed down from company to company. That’s an amazing feat!

The majority of our Cabbage Patch Kids are from the Caleco and Hasbro years. It makes sense, as that was the real ‘hey day’ of the brand and I was the target demo for much of those years. Other companies to own the brand included Mattel, Toys R Us, Play Along, Jakks Pacific and finally the current manufacturer, Wicked Cool Toys.

To see our collections, check out the video embedded above. It’s a little long, but we have a lot to show you (though not as many as you’d probably expect). Do you have a Cabbage Patch Kid that is special to you in your collection? What era is your favorite? Share your thoughts in the comment area!

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2 thoughts on “Collection Close Up: Cabbage Patch Kids Through the Ages

  1. I am Obsessed with CPK’s! I mostly collect the ones from the 80’s. Of course my Favorites are the 1st girl that I got.I could go on and on… I now have more than 100 since last count. Nothing makes me happier than finding 1 at the flea market or where ever and taking them home to fix them up.I love them! My dream is to make it to Atlanta to CPK Land. And maybe adopt a new 1

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