Hainan Airlines Kurhn

Recently, I purchased a Barbie sold exclusively during domestic flights in December for JAL Airlines in Japan. That got me thinking, what other airlines have created dolls in their flight attendants image? I found a few really poorly made dolls from some American airlines and was giving up hope that any were as pretty as JAL Airlines collaboration with Mattel. Until, that is, my mom found one based on Chinese airline Hainan Airlines.

Hainan Airlines Uniforms, Photo Credit: Hainan Airlines

This official Hainan Airlines doll is a collaboration with Kurhn Toys Co., LTD. The makers of the Kurhn doll, the first doll to be owned, developed and produced solely in China. For all intents and purposes, Kurhn is basically the Barbie of China and deservedly so; They’re delightful dolls.

Hainan Airlines Kurhn

There’s already a lot of quality that goes into these dolls between the good vinyl, nicely rooted hair and well done faces, but for this Hainan Airlines Kurhn, the company has amped it up with some quality outfits. Dressed in the Rosy Clouds uniform, introduced in 2017 and created by Chinese designer Lawrence Xu, flight attendants looks are inspired by both western and eastern culture.

From the airlines website, “These totally new uniforms are based around the shape of a traditional Chinese cheongsam but with Western-style draping, aiming to highlight a sense of elegance and practicality for the flight attendants while at work. The patterns on the uniform evoke traditionally auspicious good luck elements such as clouds on the collar and a sea of waves rising from the hem. Mostly gray and white, the idea behind the uniform is the cloudy skies through which we soar. Red and yellow elements scattered throughout the design evoke China‚Äôs imperial past. The look and feel of the fabrics and colors mixes European style with Chinese aesthetics. From the length of the sleeves to the shape of the collar, everything has been thought through such that our uniforms seem less like work clothes and more like something which might be worn at an elegant cocktail party.”

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Included with the doll are some very accurate, very well made doll sized interpretations of the beautiful uniforms. There are two versions of this doll. One is a basic version featuring a dressed doll in the the Rosy Clouds uniform. There’s also a deluxe version that features an apron and an amazing grey jacket and cape.

Basic Dressed Doll
Complete with wings

For my collection and this review, I purchased the deluxe doll. There’s a lot to talk about, but let’s start off with one of my favorite things about Hainan Airlines Kurhn– her grey jacket/cape! I am in love with this jacket/cape and would totally try this on if I saw it in a store!

Coat modeled on a basic Kurhn
Cape modeled on a basic Kurhn

The doll sized version of this great jacket is made of super soft fabric, has lining and drapes really well on the dolls small body. (In my photos, the cape is actually being modeled on a basic doll I bought previously, not this exclusive.)

Notice her pearl earrings and hat
Notice the colors in her dress– love the purple!

The dressed doll is in a really pretty 3/4 sleeve dress and classy grey jacket. I love the colors and design on her dress. It’s an elegant look.

Technically, this is an apron, but I didn’t know that when I took this photo!

Her grey apron is a great accessory, too, and could double as a low cut dress. To finish off her look, she has a beret style hat and pearl earrings.

Photo Credit: Kurhn (Ali Express)

Her hair is done up in a professional up-do. Like most Kurhn dolls, it’s styled really well. This isn’t a doll you’ll need to restyle, or want to, for that matter.

A more adult look

Let’s talk about this doll’s face. It’s not your typical Kurhn doll face. Hainan Airlines Kurhn looks more like an adult, whereas other Kurhn dolls tend to have a more teenage vibe to them.

Profile of new articulated body

Knowing what body your Kurhn doll will come on is always a bit of a guessing game. Hainan Airlines Kurhn comes on the company’s new articulated body. To my eyes, this new body is skinnier than the non articulated one. It differs from the old articulated Kurhn bodies in that this body has wrist joints.

The wrist joints are a little weird; they don’t go into the forearm enough. However, the grey jacket covers them up, so I’m fine with them. Plus, it’s just so nice to have wrist joints on a doll, even if they’re kind of clunky.

I think Hainan Airlines Kurhn is perfect from head to toe! I love her hairstyle, her uniform and her face paint. She’s a worthwhile buy for Kurhn collectors. What do you think of Hainan Airlines Kurhn? Let us know in the comment area.

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6 thoughts on “Hainan Airlines Kurhn

  1. Good ol’ Kurhn! It’s always nice to see what they’re doing with her. This one is a very pretty one.

  2. I got a pretty Scandinavian Airlines doll in 1986. But I have lost most of her uniform since then. She has the same body as Mary Quant Daisy. Later I have gotten a Singapore Airlines version with the same head (without uniform). You should get a Singapore Airlines doll. The uniforms are very pretty. There are several out there: like mine, like mine with a different head, Kira (possibly a Kira that someone has dressed in a Barbie sized uniform)… and several others.

  3. There are quite a few Licca dolls in airline uniforms out there. And of course the lovely vintage Barbie American Airlines outfit.

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