Renegade Kurhn

I recently went on a Kurhn shopping spree on AliExpress. One of the Kurhn dolls I picked up, I’ve dubbed Renegade Kurhn. To be honest, I have no idea what her real name is, since the website is very light on facts about this doll.

Meet Renegade Kurhn and Friends (photo credit: Kurhn Toy Co.)

However, we do know that she and the other two dolls in this collection are limited to 145 dolls. Why? No clue. I asked the seller, but never heard anything back, so the collaboration or exact reason this is a limited release is a mystery.

What A Neat Bike! (Photo Credit: Kurhn Toy Co.)

I’ve dubbed this Kurhn, along with the other two, Renegade Kurhn, because of the promotional photos. They show Kurhn in a war-like zone riding motorbikes and holding weapons. They’re pretty cool photos, actually.

Love This! (Photo Credit: Kurhn Toy Co.)
These Props… (Photo Credit: Kurhn Toy Co.)
What Kind Of Mission Are they On? (Photo Credit: Kurhn Toy Co.)

For the most part, Renegade Kurhn is pretty basic. All three dolls in this series have a simple high ponytail in different shades of brown and auburn. I think the highlights on all three dolls are very pretty. On this doll in-particular, I love her highlights.

Her face– I love her face. It’s a really pretty, basic face that uses neutral tones to emphasize her brown eyes and natural lips. Renegade Kurhn’s face paint and face mold fits her look to a tee! For a basic Kurhn, she’s very pretty.

Renegade Kurhn is on the old articulated body. She has articulation at her shoulders, elbows, hips and knees. She also has a twist n’ turn waist.

Unlike some of the newer dolls (like Hainan Airlines Kurhn), she does not have wrist joints. The articulated body is nice, but lighter than the more vinyl body that you’ll see on some Kurhn dolls that have more limited articulation.

There’s not much to this outfit, to be honest. My Renegade Kurhn wears short faux leather shorts, with gun holsters (I think?) on both sides. It’s paired with a dark mustard’y brown crop top and funky vest/belt sort of thing. (I know, my description is a bit weird, but I have no idea what to call the vest/belt thing!) She comes with elastic knee pads, socks that match the crop top and some amazing military style boots. I love, love, love her boots. I want a pair!

I really like this limited collection of Kurhn dolls. They’re simple, but have a fun vibe to them. If only they’d sold the cool bikes and things in the promo photos! I’d have definitely added them to my cart! What do you think of Renegade Kurhn and/or her two friends? Let us know in the comment area!

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6 thoughts on “Renegade Kurhn

  1. I’ve only seen the ones with trousers. I think they are very pretty, but not worth 30$. I wish they sold the vehicles from the pictures or at least told us where to find them.

  2. What a coincidence! I just finished unwrapping and dressing my “Renegade Kurhn” doll and was thinking of you. Then I went onto Facebook and there was the link to your review. I love her! I love the highlights in her hair and how soft it is. I have a motorcycle and a motor scooter so she can go for a ride. I had no idea idea she was a limited edition so now I’m even happier I bought her.

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