New Kurhn- Inset Eyes

As you know, I’ve recently added a few new Kurhn dolls to my collection thanks to the official Kurhn store on AliExpress. The doll in this review is one that I specifically ordered to review, because I thought you guys might want to see her. Unlike other Kuhrn dolls, this one has inset eyes, a first, as far as I know, for the brand.

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From what I gathered via Google Translate, the four dolls in this series all go to the same school and, I assume, are friends. Each doll comes with an extra outfit to switch your Kurhn doll into or use for another doll!

Following suit with other newer releases, Kurhn is on an articulated body (no wrist or ankle joints). It seems to be becoming the standard on most dolls. It’s great for photographing these pretty dolls in fun poses, though there’s a heaviness to the non articulated bodies that I love, too.

Kurhn has long brown hair with some stylish braids and yellow ribbons. The style is simple, but fits perfectly with her outfit. Speaking of her outfit, I love the green in her skirt. There’s a lightness to this outfit that I really like.

For me, much of the charm of Kurhn dolls comes from their faces, specifically their eyes. The inset eyes give this doll a unique look to others from the company, but for me, I think I prefer the painted faces. I’m curious to know what you guys think!

The additional dress is just as airy as the original outfit, with a more modern vibe to it. Actually, I think this is a super cute look for Kurhn! Neither outfits are as high end as the Hainan Airlines Kurhn, but both are still good, solid outfits.

Extra Outfit- Super Cute!

What do you think of this new style of Kurhn? Let us know in the comment area!

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