Kurhn’s Modern Day Prince Charming

While we’ve seen our fair share of female Kurhn dolls, it wasn’t until a year or so ago that we saw a new first for the company– male dolls! These two dolls were released as ‘grooms’ alongside their beautiful brides. Our modern day couple is sold under the title “Sweet Times” and the other couple, who looks like they’ve stepped out of a historical drama and are based on a Chinese fairytale, is “Tian Xian Pei“. These dolls are on articulated bodies, with shoulder, elbow, hip and knee joints.

Now, truth be told, I’m not crazy about the bride in the Sweet Times set, so I decided to just pick up the guy. I have plenty of dolls to pair him with, so he won’t be missing out! Unlike the Tian Xian Pei guy, the modern male doll has molded hair. I don’t know if it was the intense heat we’ve had or what, but on my doll, the glue holding his hair on was pretty much useless. In my case, you can easily pop off the hair if you’d like to switch it up!

I’m not very upset about this, though, because this means I can wig him if I wanted to! That being said, the molded hair is pretty well done. I like it! Between this and his face, this guy looks like he just stepped out of a modern day Chinese drama.

His outfit is so-so. Honestly, I plan on changing it ASAP. The quality is pretty low, as the fabric on his silver dress suit is thin and details are lacking. The buttons, for example, on his white dress shirt are basically just stamped on. Interesting way to do it, but honesty, it looks pretty cheap. This guy is getting a fashion makeover as soon as I find clothing for him.

Notice the cheaply done ‘buttons’

I’m happy to see some male Kurhn dolls in production! I hope we see more in the future. What do you think of these who boy dolls in the Kurhn doll line? And don’t forget to check out my past Kurhn reviews! Let us know in the comment area!

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6 thoughts on “Kurhn’s Modern Day Prince Charming

  1. I think both the male dolls are attractive. I think the female dolls are too. I agree that his clothing looks cheap. But he should be a lot of fun to redress him. Make sure to include details about where you find clothes for him, once you do!



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