BTS’s Jungkook From Mattel

I may not be a member of the BTS Army, but I love their dolls, even if I still have to google who is who! A bit of backstory, I actually pre-ordered four dolls, but only one made it to me. The other three were put on backorder till the end of the month and eventually cancelled, because I’m hoping to just find them in stores at this point.


Meet Jungkook

Up for review today is BTS’s Jungkook! Mattel used BTS’s music video “Idol” as inspiration for this first wave of BTS dolls. For those who don’t know, BTS is a South Korean boy band that is huge around the world. Jungkook, the youngest member of the group, started as a trainee with Big Hit Entertainment in 2011 and made his debut in the pop world with BTS in 2013.

JHope, Jimin, Jungkook

He’s credited as a singer, songwriter and producer. His popularity is so high that when he once said he used Downy for his laundry, sales spiked and stock went up 11% in a single day. Needless to say, he carries a lot of clout in the K-Pop world!


Let’s talk about Mattel’s take on Jungkook. I wasn’t sure what I would think when I pre-ordered the dolls in this series, but now I’m completely sold! Jungkook has such a unique look to him, as do the other dolls in the group. Each doll has a unique face mold, hair style and face paint to really bring out their unique looks.

Look At Those Eyes

My favorite thing about Jungkook has to be his face. I love how Mattel was able to create a realistic look to his features, especially his eyes. They look amazing in person.

Honestly, this is the most quality face paint job I’ve seen from Mattel in a long time on a doll that is priced affordably; which brings up a good point, this doll is actually worth the price!

Mattel doesn’t have the best track record when it comes to hair. To be honest, I was worried that Jungkook’s hair might be a huge mess ordering him blind online.

However, I’m happy to report that Mattel did a great job on Jungkook’s red hair. It makes me look forward to seeing the other dolls. Speaking of his hair, it’s nicely rooted with two shades of a dark red tone. It’s not overly sprayed down, but is styled. One of my favorite things about his hair may be his cool sideburns.

Notice The Size Difference

A Unique Size

Jungkook, along with the other dolls in this line, are shorter than the brands iconic dolls Barbie and Ken, but taller than Chinese fashion doll Kurhn. You know, I don’t mind the height difference in this line when compared to Barbie and friends. Plus, he looks super cute with Kurhn.

Looks like Ken Has Competition!
Notice The Differences In Their Faces

As expected, Mattel chose to use an articulated body for Jungkook. Besides a soft vinyl head that tilts and rotates well, Jungkook has shoulder, elbow, wrist, hip, knee and ankle joints. They work pretty well and don’t feel super hollow.

Jungkook wears a super flashy outfit based on his look in BTS’s “Idol” video. Is the quality of the outfit amazing? No. Does the outfit look good and fit well? Yes.

I’m curious to see if they release other waves of these dolls in different outfits or, better yet, if they just release some k-pop style outfits for them. I’d buy those, for sure!

In Conclusion

I’m really liking Jungkook, which makes me look forward to adding the other six members of the band to my collection. What do you think of Jungkook? Which BTS doll did you pick up? Let us know in the comment area!

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12 thoughts on “BTS’s Jungkook From Mattel

  1. So, I was intrigued but not super excited when I first heard about these dolls. I’d never heard of BTS until then so no fandom to inspire a strong desire but I loved the idea of articulation and unique faces plus rooted hair. I was cautiously optimistic and curious. Now I think I really, really want one! I especially love Jungkook’s brown eyes and wine red hair. Being a different height is also cool. The only thing that’s a little off-putting is the outfit but I think it’s growing on me and I suspect he’d fit in Bratz boy clothes (as well as Dollfie, Azone, etc clothes. The point is, there are options though they might be expensive.)

    Btw, I’m glad you put Kurhn beside him because they look great together! Also, I have a theory… You know how these days big blockbuster movies are usually thinking about well their movie will do in China since that’s one of the biggest overseas markets right now? I wonder if Mattel had the same mindset with regards to these dolls! I’m sure there are tons of BTS fans there and they fit right in with Kurhn (even if they’re more realistic/a little less anime looking.) Adults tend to prefer pose-ability, and we all know the fans wouldn’t be as excited if the dolls were too off-the-mark, but I wonder if some of these decisions were necessary to appeal to both markets?

    Obviously, no one needs the answer to this question but it’s quite interesting and I wonder if it’s a trend we’re going to see in the future if it hasn’t already had some influence on the doll scene?

      1. Aww, he looks good (and definitely retro, lol.) Those suits would probably look good on the BTS dolls too… (but unfortunately Jungkook is going to be the hardest one to redress. Apparently his tank top is a nightmare to pull off and put on. He’s probably happier in his original suit anyway.) XD

  2. Oh, I completely forgot but I’d love to see him standing beside your Kurhn groom! I wonder if they can share clothes… XD

  3. I picked up 2 from Amazon, Jin and RM. I think they look better with Kurhn than my Momokos. Love RM’s little dimple. The Ken pants I tried on them are too big but I put a Barbie tee on one that looked good.

  4. I put all seven in my basket on Amazon. Then I accidentally paid for them (thought that I was just choosing currency for after deciding which ones to take away and which ones to buy)… I have never heard any BTS songs, but a couple of my favourite doll collectors adore the group. All these dolls looks cute, and I love that they are so articulated.

    I saw in a review that they have the same bodies as the EAH/MH boys, so collectors of those at least should have some clothes to choose from, if they want clothes that are more everyday.

    1. Well, I’m glad you like the dolls! It wouldn’t have been fun to have accidentally ordered something that you didn’t end up liking. 😉 Must have been fate helping out!

      1. Haha! 😉They would not have been in my basket if I did not already want a couple of them. But I planned on just buying about half of them, so I was going to have a closer look and take away some.

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