Unique Vintage Meets Barbie

Unique Vintage, a brand the celebrates retro and vintage style clothing, has partnered with Mattel to create an awesome line of outfits inspired by Barbie‘s classic looks. I personally love taking inspiration from the past when it comes to dressing up and going out, so I guess it’s no surprise that I love this line! This post will be mostly pictures as, especially in this case, pictures speak louder than words!

Original Barbie’s Black and White Bathing Suit

Barbie’s original black and white bathing suit will never go out of style (regular/plus size). Not pictured in this post, but also available, is the Malibu Barbie bathing suit.

Picnic Fashion, 1959

I really like the simple styling of Barbie’s 1959 Picnic Set fashion. It is sold as separates (Capri Pants, Top) and in plus sizes.

Solo in the Spotlight, 1960

I guess it’s no big shock that they chose to do a Solo in the Spotlight dress (regular/plus size). It’s a little more costume’y than the rest, but would look great at the right event or at a Barbie convention!

Cruise Stripes, 1959

I love Cruise Stripes (regular/plus) on Barbie and would totally wear this look in real life!

Sheath Sensation, 1961

I love this Sheath Sensation dress, too. (Though, not so much the sad looking Midge they used for the doll photo!) This dress looks like it should flatter many body types (regular/plus), which can be said about many of the styles Unique Vintage chose to bring to life.

Busy Morning Sundress, 1963

This simple look makes for a perfect sundress! Busy Morning is another super cute fashion in doll size and human (regular/plus) size!

Red Flare Coat, 1962

Another style I love, this bright red flare coat makes a statement (regular/plus).

Apple Print Sheath , 1959

What a pretty brunette bubble cut! This may be the prettiest of the dolls they used to model the doll sized fashions. Unique Vintage’s Apple Print Sheath is super cute and colorful (regular/plus). It’s totally something I’d try on!

Golden Girl and Evening Splendor. 1959

Another classic Barbie look, Golden Girl (regular/plus) and Evening Splendor (regular/plus) look very ‘rich’! The dress and jacket are sold separately.

Lunch on the Terrace, 1966

I’m a sucker for anything with polka dots, which is one of the reasons I like Lunch on the Terrace (regular/plus). I’m a fan of the colors they chose for this, too; They’re so much fun!

Below are a few more items that I think are super cute!

The My Barbie Collection Swing Skirt comes in two colors. Black (reg/plus), Green (reg/plus)
Vacation Adventure Swing Skirt (reg/plus)

There are more outfits directly inspired by Barbie fashions and a few more basic things, like t-shirts, so make sure to check out their full collection on the Unique Vintage Website. I’m very tempted by a few of these items, myself, and would be surprised if the My Barbie Collection skirt didn’t end up in my cart eventually!

For those in the Burbank, CA area, visit the brick and mortar store to see these and other vintage inspired fashions. What do you think of this collaboration? Do you have a favorite item? Let us know in the comment area!

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    1. All the prices should be on the website. I don’t like quoting them b/c they change so often. A few of the pieces are on sale at the moment! They are too cute!

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