TRU 2.0: The Toys R Us Adventure

Toys R Us is coming back in a BIG way. TRU Kids Brands and Candytopia have partnered up and will be expanding on the iconic toy brand by opening The Toys R Us Adventure in Chicago and Atlanta. The Toys R Us Adventure features interactive, pop-up play spaces sponsored by popular toy brands that will allow kids and adults the chance to experience Toys R Us in a way they never have before. Unlike Toys R Us stores, you’ll have to pay admission to enter The Toys R Us Adventure ($28 for adults, $20 kids 4-12).

Tru Kids CEO Richard Barry said, “Toys R Us was a place to engage with brands in a way that they weren’t able to do so at other retail locations.” Elaborating on some of the sponsored rooms, he said attendees could look forward to “a mixture of play experiences and brand experiences.”

For example, the Schleich room transport attendees to a faux jungle where you can interact with giant Schleich figures. Spinmaster’s sponsored room is themed around Paw Patrol. Candytopia’s room will feature a Marshmallow pool (which, admittedly could be cool to see). Each themed room will be an adventure unto itself.

According to John Goodman, CEO of Candytopia, the Adventure spaces will feel like “a mini theme park where you’re having fun with your family, grandparents, parents, kids.” Each of the more than a dozen rooms in the locations will have five or six play areas, and it will take an hour to 75 minutes to experience all of them.

This concept of interactive, Instagram worthy exhibits that attendees can feel and interact with is not new. It’s become more and more popular over the years. Candytopia’s CEO, however, told the Chicago Tribune, “It’s not just about Instagram.”

Phillip Raub, co-founder and president of b8ta, a company that has partnered with TRU Kids to create a chain of innovative new Toys R Us shopping destinations, said “As the retail landscape changes, so do consumer shopping habits. But what hasn’t changed is that kids want to touch everything and simply play.” The Toys R Us Adventure will play into that need.

The Toys R Us Adventure opens late October. Tickets are available here. What’s your take on The Toys R Us Adventure? Let us know in the comment area!

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  1. There doesn’t seem to be any information on actually selling toys. Children and adults after enjoying their adventure will want to buy the real toys, so attached to this ” mini theme park” will be an actual store?

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