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Recently, Louisa of Louisa’s Knit Knacks reached out to me about her online store. After seeing Louisa’s cute knit creations, I had to say yes to her when she asked if I was interested in covering her shop on the blog and channel. The variety of her work is astounding and the quality is wonderful!

Photo Credit: @louisasknitknacks

Louisa sells most of her creations on Facebook, but also has Instagram (@louisasknitknacks) and an Etsy shop. She makes a huge variety of things. Many of her creations are knit, but she also makes cute little play people, baby clothing (perfect for reborn collectors), 3D Origami figures and offers some adorable paper figures made from a technique called quilling.

Photo Credit: @louisasknitknacks

When Louisa said she was sending samples over to me for review, I expected one or two dolls, but shockingly, she sent a whole box full of goodies! I decided to shoot this as a box opening video, so check it out below!

For the blog, I felt it was important for you guys to learn more about her through a Q&A. Watch the video below to see the box opening, then pop on back to the post to read about Louisa’s inspiration and passion!


Where does your passion for creating your cute products come from?

I have always enjoyed making things, especially toys. When I was younger, my favorite toy was probably a refrigerator box, duct tape and paint. Many of the toys I made as a kid didn’t last very long, but as I got older I learned how to make sturdier toys until I got to what I am doing now. I love things that are fun, but I also want them to be a piece of art and nice to look at as well.

Photo Credit: https://www.etsy.com/shop/louisasknitknacks

What are some of your inspirations when it comes to your designs?

I am inspired a lot by the various fandoms I am interested in. I also like to peruse toy stores to see what is being sold and playing with kids to see what they’re interested in. I often find that kids are more entertained by simple toys than they are with trendy toys that tend to have limited play value. I therefore try to make my toy designs simple, too.

I also draw inspirations from dreams. I knit and crochet enough that it isn’t uncommon for me to have a dream about knitting or crochet, and I often try to create the product I dreamt about when I wake up. That’s how I came up with the design for my beaded hair dolls! (As seen in Rainbow Girl, shown later in this post.)

Photo Credit: https://www.etsy.com/shop/louisasknitknacks

When did you decide to start selling your crocheted dolls online? What kind of things do you sell in your shop?

I started selling online when I was producing so much stuff that my friends started refusing when I tried to give them things! I opened my Etsy shop in 2017 and did my first event (a sci-fi and fantasy convention) in 2018. I currently do a mixture of conventions and craft fairs.

Photo Credit: https://www.etsy.com/shop/louisasknitknacks

What tips would you give someone who is interested in making their hobby a job?

Use social media to promote your business! Etsy is such a saturated market currently that if you aren’t promoting your business on as many social media platforms as possible, you aren’t going to reach your target audience. Additionally, doing contests and giveaways can really help boost your following.

Photo Credit https://www.etsy.com/shop/louisasknitknacks

What’s your favorite creation you’ve made so far? Is there one that stands out most to you?

In high school I did three big projects: a portrait of Malcolm X, The entire periodic table (which was more than 6feet long!) and a model of the Oriental Pearl TV tower in Shanghai. I still consider these some of my best projects. In terms of things that I actually sell, I really like my dolls with beaded hair, particularly the one in rainbow. I just think she’s so dang cute!

Photo credit: https://www.etsy.com/shop/louisasknitknacks

Where’s the best place to find you and see your dolls/products?

I do the vast majority of my business through Facebook, so please follow my page! I am getting close to 100 followers and as soon as I get there, I will be doing a giveaway! I also do craft fairs and conventions in the Boston area. My main events are Arisia in January and FanExpo in August.

Photo Credit: https://www.etsy.com/shop/louisasknitknacks

Do you take commissions? If so, how would someone go about contacting you about that?

I do take commissions! The best place to contact me is through my Facebook page or through Etsy.

Samples Galore!

For more information on Louisa and her creations, visit her Facebook page. Or, if you’re not a Facebook user, she’s also on Etsy and Instagram. In case you skipped the box opening video, here’s a look at the cute things Louisa sent for review!

Cute Dragon Scaled Gloves- I LOVE these! They’re adorable AND warm!
Rainbow Girl was inspired by a dream. She’s very well made and huggable. Also, like her shoes, she has knitted undies!
Her dress is removable.
Her pigtails are very well done, too!
Here are some of Louisa’s mini figures made of wood and cork. As you can see, there’s a lot of fandoms represented!
This tiny paper figure is made with a technique called Quilling. It’s fragile, but adorable!
This mini Aang doll is the perfect companion for my plush Appa!
And following that theme, she sent a large Zuko doll! He’s soft and huggable!
This little dust bunny was inspired by Studio Ghibli films. So cute!
More cute mini Studio Ghibli/My Neighbor Totoro inspired pieces!
I love Louisa’s mini octopi!
The technique she uses for the legs is pretty cool looking.
Add a top hat and they get 10x cuter!
I am Groot. I am Groot. I am Groot. Oh, I should translate this, I guess. Basically, the mini Groot is sooooo cute!

The products she sent for review were all soooooo adorable and well made that I would recommend checking Lousia’s Knit Knacks out if you’re looking for a cute knit doll or any other fun creative thing. I have no doubt she could whip up a custom project perfect for whatever you’re looking for. Not to mention, her toys and other creations would make wonderful stocking stuffers as we head into the holiday season!

Photo Credit: https://www.etsy.com/shop/louisasknitknacks

Do me a favor and head over to one of her pages and let me know what your favorite piece is from Louisa here in the comments. What do YOU think of Louisa’s Knit Knacks? Let us know in the comment area!

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