Catching Up With Lottie

It’s been a while since I’ve covered Lottie Dolls, so I figured I’d check their website to see what’s new with the line. For those of you who are new to the line, Lottie dolls debuted August 2012. Inspired by kids with a tag line “Be bold, be brave, BE YOU”, Lottie’s body proportions are that of an average 9-year-old. Shortly after the line premiered, more dolls were introduced including Finn, Mia, Sammi and Sophia. Below are some of the most recent Lottie releases.

Kid Activist Lottie

I love Kid Activist Lottie! This doll was inspired by real life kid activist, Mari Copeny aka Little Miss Flint. I love everything about this doll. Her hair is awesome, her outfit is super cute and the theme for this doll is pretty unique.

Music Class Lottie

Music Class Lottie is another cutie. Her guitar and music stand are really great accessories. Also, I’ve always been partial to the dark brunette Lottie dolls.

Loyal Companion Playset

The Loyal Companion playset was inspired by an autistic 8 year old named Hayden who has a love for space. Under his jumpsuit is a basic kid inspired t-shirt and jeans. His accessories are unique to his character: headphones to reduce potentially distracting sounds, sunglasses to reduce visual sensory overload and communication cards. And of course, there’s his loyal companion Cookie.

Ballet Class Lottie

I took Ballet as a kid, so I had to include Ballet Class Lottie in this post. Dressed in a pink tutu, wraparound cardigan, sparkly headband, leg warmers and ballet shoes, Lottie is ready for class!

Pool Party Lottie

Pool Party Lottie is decked out for some summer fun with her cute flamingo themed swim suit and inflatable flamingo. I absolutely love her flamingo towel and arm floaties!

Lottie and Biscuit

If you’re new to Lottie, visit their website to see the other dolls in the line. Also, check out my YouTube channel for a few video reviews. They are available in many countries and online. Use their store locator to find them in your local independent stores.

Do you have a favorite Lottie doll? Let us know which in the comment area!

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