The Queen’s Treasures Farmhouse Dining Room Set

The amazing folks at The Queen’s Treasures were kind enough to send a few pieces for review, just in time for Christmas! The Queen’s Treasures has been making affordable, high quality furniture and accessory pieces for 18″ dolls since 2005. I’ve seen their pieces in person many times at Toy Fair and, let me tell you, The Queen’s Treasures products are worth every penny. (See more posts on The Queen’s Treasures here!)

Made of good quality materials, I love the variety of pieces you’ll find on The Queen’s Treasures site! They have historical pieces based on the Salvation Army Doughnut Girls, a 1940’s inspired classroom, a 1940’s style oven, as well as more modern pieces, like bakery, tea and flower stands, contemporary style beds and vanity’s.

Dining Room Table

Sent for review by The Queen’s Treasures to this little blog was the Farmhouse Dining Room set. I love their classic, vintage looking pieces and these fit that bill to a tee! We’ll start with the dining room table. Made of wood, this table is 14″L x 7.25″W x 8.75″H, making it big enough to comfortably fit two 16″-18″ dolls. The table comes with two matching wood ladder back chairs. The only thing they’re lacking are seat cushions, which you could DIY yourself for these two vintage style chairs.

Photo Credit: The Queen’s Treasures

I love this table. It screams quality, right down to how it was packaged for shipping. I love the colors they chose for it, as well as the cut of the legs on the table, chairs and chair backs!


The Farmhouse Collection Step-back Cupboard is a statement piece! This wooden hutch features three storage drawers and three doors which you can easily store smaller accessories in! It’s a big piece at 14″W x (base) 5″D x 19″H. I love the brown paneling used in this hutch. It looks great with the classic white paint. The upper shelves are 3.5″ deep, so you can display lots of accessories, including The Queen’s Treasures 1800’s inspired 12 piece Splatterware set.

Photo Credit: The Queen’s Treasures

One improvement I may suggest for the hutch would be a ridge or groove cut into the upper shelves so you could display the plates a little less precariously. Also, the drawers are a little too short to hold the 13 piece Colonial Flatware set when housed in its wooden box. It does fit well on the upper shelves, though.

Flatware and Splatterware

Speaking of the Splatterware and Flatware– I love them! Miniatures like this have always interested me and these are really great examples of nice quality accessories for your 16″-18″ dolls. The splatterware set includes a serving platter, 3 mixing bowls, 4 cups and 4 plates pieces. Some pieces are made of wood, while others are made of polyresin. These plates look great in the hutch.

Photo Credit: The Queen’s Treasures

The flatware is too cute for words– I love it! Now, there’s no way your 18″ doll can hold these silver plated utensils, but they look great when the table is set. In this 13 piece set, you get a set of four knives, spoons and 4-tine forks packed in a wooden tray with a mahogany finish. The presentation here is top-notch.

Photo Credit: The Queen’s Treasures

Just For You

I love the items that come out of The Queen’s Treasures. So far, every piece I’ve received for review has been very high quality. The vintage inspired designs are also a huge plus for me.

Guess what? The Queen’s Treasures has been kind enough to give Confessions of a Doll Collectors Daughter readers a unique coupon code that will allow you to save 10% off your purchase, sale merchandise included! Use coupon code CONFESSIONS to get your exclusive discount- 10% off your order!

As a thank you to The Queen’s Treasures, check out their website and let us know what your favorite item is in the comment area! And don’t forget to use that coupon code CONFESSIONS at check out to save 10% on your purchase from this great company.

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