Strike a Pose: Hujoo’s Teen Yumi Action Doll

Even though she’s one of my favorite dolls in my collection, I have never really shown my Teen Yumi ball jointed doll (bjd) much love. The poor doll has never really been given a proper wig or outfit or even been covered here on the blog! Today, however, that changes! Yumi was released way back in 2012 from one of my favorite bjd companies, Hujoo.

Hujoo is a South Korean bjd company. Currently, it looks like Hujoo isn’t working on much, as the website is mostly filled with out of stock items. For a while there between 2005 and just a few years ago, though, they were producing dolls at a pretty steady pace! Hujoo comes from humble beginnings.

Teen Yumi

The brainchild of South Korean college professor Sung-hyon Yoon, Hujoo started out as an extension of the college, then turned into a full blown business, the Pinocchio Shop, eventually being re-branded as Hujoo. In 2011, Hujoo employed around 24 people.

Their goal, besides popularizing ball jointed dolls to the general audience, was “to develop their own unique technology that [did] not simply imitate the current technology on the market.”

Hujoo Promo Photo

Releasing dolls ranging from tinies to SD in affordable ABS, Hujoo took risks with their designs in both execution and aesthetics. Teen Yumi is MSD sized, 43.5 cm. She’s what Hujoo called ‘an action doll‘. While strung, this MSD doll has some unique features in her articulation.

Posing (Dana), Hujoo Photo

She has gear-like joints at her shoulders, elbows, hips and knees. They allow Hujoo’s Action Dolls to pose better than some more traditionally made dolls. With these gears, you’ll hear some clicking when you adjust your doll. That’s totally normal, but might surprise you if you’re not used to it!

Example of Body- This is Dana, not Yumi. Hujoo’s Photo
The Gears (Dana)– Hujoo’s Photo

Teen Yumi is one of my favorites. Her face mold and face up are just beautiful! I love the unique look this doll has to her. My Yumi was ordered as a full set from The Junky Spot, so the face up and eyes came directly from Hujoo’s studio. I love Yumi’s face up. It’s simple, but also very expressive.

Because she is made of ABS, Yumi was super affordable when compared to other authentic MSD dolls made of resin. That’s one of the other things I loved about Hujoo– their price. Nothing is wrong with a BJD made out of ABS. Just because a doll isn’t resin doesn’t mean it’s not worthy. There’s a whole lot of elitism in BJD collecting, which I won’t go into here. Hujoo, unfortunately, got caught in the middle of it, with popular websites banning the dolls from discussion boards and the likes.

There’s so much that’s unfair about that– but if I get started on that now, this post could very well turn into a novel. I’ll leave it at this: don’t be elitist when it comes to doll collecting– it does nothing to grow the hobby.

Anyway, I love my Teen Yumi. What do you think of Hujoo’s Action Doll Teen Yumi? Do you miss Hujoo? What do you think of the BJD brand? Share your thoughts in the comment area!

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2 thoughts on “Strike a Pose: Hujoo’s Teen Yumi Action Doll

  1. My first ball-jointed doll was a Hujoo (orange Berry), and while she’s not as easy to pose she’s still a cute, well-made doll. I’ve seen plenty of nice things from Hujoo and I hope desperately that they will get busy again. Your girl is very pretty; I’ve always been curious about those action bodies, and it’s good to see that they hold a pose.

    I bet I can guess where that long blue coat came from! I love that shop.

  2. I have the Hujoo cats from Junky Spot. Love them, but certainly don’t give them the attention they deserve. As far as I’m concerned, a doll is a doll, regardless of the material.

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