Dolly Review: The Queen’s Treasures Laura Ingalls 18″ Doll

Last year, The Queen’s Treasures debuted their first 18″ doll. Known mostly for furniture and accessories, this was a new direction for them. They paired their first foray into the 18″ doll market with one of their big licenses, “Little House on the Prairie”. The Queen’s Treasures was kind enough to send a Laura Ingalls […]

Dolly Review: My Ballerina Dolls Snow Queen and Prince/Nutcracker

It’s been a while since I’ve reviewed a contemporary doll here on the blog. Today, though, I’m going to talk about not one, but two dolls I know you’ll want to hear about! Introducing The Prince/Nutcracker and The Snow Queen from My Ballerina Dolls. A year ago or so, I reviewed the first doll in […]

Wicked Cool Toys 18″ Cabbage Patch Kids ‘Big Kids’ Now at TRU

Remember back in February when I shared Toy Fair footage from Wicked Cool Toys booth regarding Cabbage Patch Kids? One of the biggest takeaways from that presentation were the 18″ Big Kids. Well, guess what? They’re currently available on the Toys R Us website and at select stores. Here’s the details.  There are two different […]

Sam, Your 1960’s Girl, from A Girl for All Time

A Girl for All Time has been releasing sneak peeks of their new doll Sam, Your 1960’s Girl, for a while, but now we finally have a full body promotional photo!!! Sam is living in the 1960’s, if you couldn’t tell from her fantastic ‘mod’ fashion. Here’s a few more fun facts about Sam.  Fun fact #1: Frances […]