Dolly Review: Sweet Girl Panda Kurhn (6103)

While visiting Walt Disney World, I picked up two adorable Kurhn dolls. Kurhn dolls, for those who don’t know, are Chinese fashion dolls. (See all my coverage on the line here!) They have a unique look when compared to other dolls, because of their large expressive eyes and cute fashions! This post features Sweet Girl […]

Dolly Review: Four Season Fairy ‘Spring’ Kurhn 1128

This Christmas, I received a new Kurhn to add to my growing collection.  I’d like to introduce you to the Spring fairy from the Four Season Fairy collection.  For those who are new to the line, here’s some background for you.  Kurhn‘s are Chinese fashion dolls. They are, apparently, made in the same factories Mattel […]

Dolly Review: Chirstmas Kurhn, a Chinese Fashion Doll

I showcased a number of my holiday gifts in a YouTube video posted shortly after Christmas.  One of those was a doll called Kurhn.  She’s a Chinese fashion doll.  I purchased a Kurhn last year, but have been patiently waiting to get my hands on another!  Calling this a ‘review’ might be a little much.  […]