Collection Close Up: Madame Alexander Dionne Quintuplets New Looks

Did you know that one of Madame Alexanders most loved and well-known doll releases, the composition Dionne Quintuplets series from 1935-1939, was based on a real life family? Well, it’s true! The Dionne Quintuplets were the first set of Quintuplets to be born in Canada. The story of their early years is sad and fascinating […]

Collection Close Up: Estrela’s 80th Anniversary Gui-Gui Reproduction

A while back, I asked readers to help me purchase the reproduction Gui-Gui doll from Estrela, produced in honor of the company’s 80th anniversary. (Also reproduced for this anniversary was Falcon, which may interest GI Joe collectors!) Within a few days, we received an e-mail from a reader who said she could help. Thanks to […]