Collection Close Up: Mattel’s Peanuts, Disney and WB Skediddlers

One of my (many) side collections is Liddle Kiddle Skediddles. This collection is something my mom started me on and has pretty much funded. Most every birthday or Christmas for the past few years, I’ve received a Skediddle, some in played with condition, others brand new mint in box. The Skediddles in my collection are […]

Collection Close Up: Skipper/Skooter Beach Case (1965)

Recently, I acquired one of my favorite Skipper doll cases. Made in 1965 by Standard Plastic Products, this case features Skipper and her friend Skooter running on the beach. This case was released in blue and yellow vinyl. (A single doll case was also created, it seems, using this graphic. After doing some googling, I […]

Spotlight Post: Tiny Frock shop, a Q and A with Pamela Thompson

Note: This post had photos, but they had to be deleted due to Photobucket changing their terms for free users. I will try to replace them at a later date. Have you heard of Tiny Frock shop? It’s probably one of the coolest online doll stores on the web! This Spotlight post is a Q […]

Collection Close Up: Madame Alexander Dionne Quint (no hair)

Earlier this year, I purchased a 1930’s Dionne Quintuplet on eBay. (My second of the year– see the first here.) Made from 1935-1939, the Dionne Quintuplet dolls were big business for Madame Alexander and other doll brands of the time. For me, I’ve always loved their adorable hand painted faces. This particular auction listing tugged […]

Collection Close Up: Madame Alexander Dionne Quintuplet (with Hair)

Amazingly, in one week, I won two of my Grail items on eBay. For years, I’ve been searching around for the perfect 1930’s Dionne quintuplet to add to my Madame Alexander collection. When I say perfect, I don’t mean I was looking for something so minty fresh it looked like it had just left the Alexander Doll Company. […]

Collection Close Up: All American Barbie, Christie (1991)

Months back, I won a lot of Pink Box Barbie’s.  This is Christie from the All American Barbie line. This series came out around 1991.  Besides Christie, this line featured Barbie, Ken, Kira and Teresa. A unique characteristic of this line is that Mattel had partnered with Reebok, a popular shoe brand. Christie, for examples, […]